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  1. Place TonerCoil™ across stud opening and attach to outward facing edge of studs using staple gun.

  2. Select one (or more) of the three starburst holes on the TonerCoil™, and push approximately 8" of wire through the hole.

  3. Leaving some extra slack, secure the wire(s) remaining in the stud cavity to one of the stud sidewalls near the back of the TonerCoil™.

Use TonerCoil™ to position wire into BackBoxx™for later use. 
Installation Instructions:

  1. Place BackBoxx™ between studs and attach flanges to outward facing edge of studs using staple gun.

  2. Run wire through Wire Dimple Locator™ in back center of the BackBoxx™ and leave approximately 36" wire lead.

  3. Separate one of the TonerCoil™ sections from the sheet and hold it in front of the BackBoxx™ with these instructions facing you.

  4. Take the 36" wire lead and push all of it through the starburst hole in the middle of the TonerCoil™.

  5. Fold and lock the tab on the TonerCoil™ to form a triangular, rigid column.

  6. Coil the 36" wire lead around the folded and locked TonerCoil™ from top to bottom, affixing the loose end securely.

  7. Pull the complete TonerCoil™ assembly back into the BackBoxx™ by pulling the wire lead from behind the BackBoxx™. Tapered ends of the TonerCoil™ will help hold assembly in place.

    Note: TonerCoil™ may be removed and discarded when connecting wires to devices at finish installation.