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TonerCoil™ Installation

Stub Out:

  1. Place TonerCoil™ across stud opening and attach to outward facing edge of studs using staple gun.

  2. Select one (or more) of the three starburst holes on the TonerCoil™, and push approximately 8" of wire through the hole.  Tie loose knot in wire, and write stub out instructions to drywall installers. Secure remaining wire into stud cavity.

Future Toning:

  1. Staple TonerCoil™ into stud opening using the side faces of the studs, forming a "U" shape to the TonerCoil™. 

  2. Select one (or more) of the three starburst holes on the TonerCoil™, and push several inches of wire through one of the starburst holes.  Wind the excess wire around TonerCoil™, and secure the remaining wire into stud cavity.

Into BackBoxx™ Original™:

  1. Place BackBoxx™ Original™ as described in its instructions.

  2. Separate one of the TonerCoil™ sections from the sheet and hold it in front of the BackBoxx™ with these instructions facing you.

  3. Take the 36" wire lead and push all of it through the starburst hole in the middle of the TonerCoil™.

  4. Fold and lock the tab on the TonerCoil™ to form a triangular, rigid column.

  5. Coil the 36" wire lead around the folded and locked TonerCoil™ from top to bottom, affixing the loose end securely.

  6. Pull the complete TonerCoil™ assembly back into the BackBoxx™ by pulling the wire lead from behind the BackBoxx™ Original™. Tapered ends of the TonerCoil™ will help hold assembly in place.
    Note: TonerCoil™ must be removed and discarded when connecting wires to devices at finish installation.

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