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Q: What is a BackBoxx?

A: The BackBoxx was designed primarily for use during the installation process of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. When climate levels vary on opposing sides of walls and/or ceilings, moisture can permeate and compromise your electronic in-wall devices and wire junctures. BackBoxx surrounds provide a vapor barrier to protect your speakers and other electronic devices from damages caused by moisture passing through your walls.


Q: Why do I need a BackBoxx?

A: Most state building codes require a wall or ceiling penetration to be sealed once the wall becomes exposed to an untreated climate, where an existing vapor barrier has been compromised. BackBoxx provides a fast, easy, and approved way to meet and exceed these building code requirements.

BackBoxx is designed to meet, and exceed, the latest IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) and upcoming adjustments in the code.  This code has been adopted by most U.S. states, and is soon to be mandate in all states.

BackBoxx speaker surrounds offer other benefits too, such as protecting your speaker drivers from being exposed to fiberglass, causing the speakers to develop a scratchy sound as they are used.

Additionally, BackBoxx surrounds mark your low voltage territory to notify other trade professionals that technology will be installed. BackBoxx products provide a uniformed, professional look, and will help others to notice and aid in protection of this technology.

Q: What are the dimensions of the BackBoxx?

A: The BackBoxx Original measures 14-1/2” wide, 22-1/2” tall, and 3-1/2” deep.  The width and height are designed to allow the BackBoxx to be installed perfectly in-between wall studs (16”on-center) and ceiling trusses (24” on-center).  The 3-1/2” of depth accommodates the majority of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers produced.

The BackBoxx POPP has the same width and height measurements, but an increased depth of 5-1/2”, with an adjustable back wall dome, expanding all the way to 9”.

Don’t forget to add the thickness of the drywall when calculating the depth provided, as this dimension will add to the available usable depth.

The BackBoxx JR is perfect for technology ports, keypads, and more. The JR measures 3-1/2” deep, allowing space behind backless j-boxes to store and access technology wires.


Q: Will the BackBoxx Rattle?

A: No. BackBoxx products are built with structural integrity. Contact by the speaker magnet, to the back wall of the BackBoxx, is encouraged.  The slight added pressure from blown in insulation gives further integrity to the back wall of our surrounds.

The BackBoxx Original has a small indentation in the center of the back wall, specifically designed to be a point of contact for speakers.  This helps to support the BackBoxx under the load of blown-in insulation.

The BackBoxx POPP has a flexible dome intended to contact the speaker magnet, helping to diffuse any sound back-waves, and again, helping to support the BackBoxx POPP under the load of blown-in insulation.

Both the BackBoxx Original™ and the BackBoxx POPP have the KrushGuard insert available to support them during the spray-foam insulation process.  Once the spray-foam has cured, the BackBoxx adheres to the insulation and will not rattle.

Q: Is the BackBoxx fire rated?

A: Although the Backboxx has not been issued an official fire rating, it does exhibit some pyrophobic properties. When exposed to open flame, the BackBoxx self-extinguishes. Since BackBoxx products are designed to be installed behind the fire barrier (such as drywall) in residential applications, there is no requirement for BackBoxx products to carry a fire rating.

Commercial buildings do have fire rating requirements. We do not recommend BackBoxx products be installed in commercial building applications.


Q: Will the BackBoxx affect the acoustics of my speakers?

A: When in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are installed into open wall cavities, or open attic spaces, some of the richness of the sound is “lost”.  Putting an open-back speaker into a sealed space, will help the acoustics of the speaker become more defined.

When it is desirable for large-area speakers to be used in conjunction with a BackBoxx surrounds, we recommend using BackStopp acoustic inserts to absorb some of the extra sound waves that large drivers can generate.

Using the BackStopp on any size speaker, will clarify the sound and provide the best acoustic response possible.


Q: Can I purchase BackBoxx products directly from BackBoxx LLC?

A: No. We use an authorized network of professional distributors to sell to electronic and electrical contractors.  Homeowners in need of BackBoxx™ products should contact their local electronics installer.


Q: How do I find a distributor near me?

A: We do have distributors throughout North America.  If electronic and electrical contractors are unable to purchase BackBoxx products from their local distributor, please advise them to contact our office, to obtain the name of a distributor ready to help.


Q: What is the minimum quantity I can buy?

A: BackBoxx products are shipped to our distribution partners in predetermined case sizes.  Some distributors will sell only full case amounts, while others may open cases and sell individual products, based on your needs.


Q: Who do I contact for technical support questions?

A: Each year we field many calls from installers, inspectors and homeowners answering technical questions.

We encourage industry professionals, and consumers alike, to contact our office, via email or phone, and let us know what questions we can answer for you.

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