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KrushGuard™  Installation

  1. After the vapor barrier and sheetrock have been installed, fold the KrushGuard™ in a Z-fold pattern, and insert it through the speaker cutout hole.

  2. For Standard BackBoxx™

    Allow the KrushGuard to expand in this zig-zag pattern to provide even support for the entire BackBoxx surround. (Fig. 1)

    For BackBoxx POPP™

    Pop the center dome outward and insert two (2) KrushGuards. Push each to opposite ends of the BackBoxx POPP, without attempting to expand them. Then, insert two (2) KrushGuard supports upwards in a V-shape, to support the dome. (Fig. 2)

  3. After insulators have sprayed the expanding foam insulation, reach in and remove the KrushGuard supports. If undamaged, they may be used in a subsequent installation

Figure 2

Figure 1