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BackBoxx Original

Speaker Surround

Save time and money while meeting new tight-seal building codes!

  • BackBoxx™ Original™ patented design protects in-wall/ceiling speakers from harmful moisture and dirt.

  • Keeps loose insulation out of eyes while installing in-ceiling speakers.

  • Maintains vapor barrier integrity to meet new "tight building" codes.

  • 'Bulls-eye' design lets you make more accurate speaker cuts on retro-fits.

  • 3-1/2" depth to accommodate most in-wall speakers.

  • Attaches to studs with staple gun.

  • Fits both 16" and 24" on-center studs and ceiling joists. Adjusts to smaller cavities.

  • TonerCoil™ insert (Optional) allows zig zag wire leads at front edge without stapling for strong toner signals on retro-fit applications.

  • Rugged and lightweight, yet flexible in cold temperatures.

  • Stores flat for inventory and transport.

  • Dimensions: 16"x 24"x 3.5"

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