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BackBoxx JR™
J-Boxx Surround
Small, Yet Mighty.

Safely leave extra leads behind each junction-box and plaster ring. Prevents wire damage by routers or drywall finishing.

  • Flexible material easily cuts and slides to adjust for narrower stud widths.

  • Patented design maintains vapor barrier integrity behind j-boxes and plaster rings to meet new "tight building" codes.

  • Protects in-wall components from harmful blown insulation, moisture and dirt.

  • Detachable flap protects J-box and wires from foam insulation over-spray.

  • "Bulls-eye" back-wall design lets you make more accurate wall cuts on retro-fits.

  • Attaches quickly to studs quickly with staple gun.

  • Rugged and lightweight, yet flexible in cold temperatures.

  • Dimensions: 9"x 9"x 3.5"

  • Width: With Flap: 24"; @ perf: 16"

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