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Conn2it™ Installation

Conn2it™ sections may be cut to length with a fine-tooth saw blade. Keep the cuts square for the best fit inside the compression collar. 

Use the included compression coupler to attach the next Conn2it™ section. 

Use a 2-1/4" hole cutters to pass Conn2it™ through framing members. 

Do not kink tube during installation. Conn2it™ will provide a 60", one-quarter radius turn. If Conn2it™ kinks during installation, straighten the kink and reduce the radius, allowing Conn2it™ to expand open again. 

Seal the point of entry of Conn2it™ as it enters the BackBoxx™surrounds. This will help maintain vapor barrier integrity. 

Conn2it™ will mate up to standard thin-wall vacuum pipe for unique applications.

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