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BackStopp Installation

The BackStopp™ design is a low-profile, sound absorbent foam, with a sculpted surface that helps to reduce any rear-directed sound wave collisions by deflecting and absorbing excess sound energy within the BackBoxx™. BackStopp (BSPP) is the perfect solution to in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that may exhibit midrange harshness. 

An additional benefit of the BSPP is that rear sound waves are minimized from traveling to adjacent rooms. Further benefits include the addition of insulation between the speaker and exterior elements. 

After installing the BackBoxx speaker surround into the wall or ceiling, position the BackStopp into the BackBoxx for a trial fit. Trim as necessary. 

Next, remove the adhesive backing sheet from the BackStopp and adhere it to the back wall of the BackBoxx.

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