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Wire Locator.
Here's Your Wire.

Never lose a prewire lead again! Use TonerCoil™ to position wire stub outs at any point in wall or ceiling cavities. Use it for all types of prewire applications -- with or without BackBoxx™! Use TonerCoil™ in one of three ways:

  • Stub out: Staple TonerCoil™ across wall studs or ceiling joists -- push wire through any of the pre-punched starburst holes to stub out. You can even mark any special instructions to the drywall installer on the face of the TonerCoil™.

  • Prewire: Attach TonerCoil™ between wall studs or ceiling joists and coil the wire for later tone-out -- no need to use wire staples to hold wire in place (which may damage wire during later removal).

  • BackBoxx™: Fit TonerCoil™ into BackBoxx™ for perfect prewire alignment and location during toning at finish. 

  • Dimensions:24"x7"x1/4"

  • Quantity: Case of 24