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BackBoxx JR Installation

  1. Place BackBoxx™ JR™ horizontally into stud wall cavity.

  2. Attach BackBoxx™ JR™ to outward facing edges of studs using staple gun.

  3. Attach junction box or plaster ring to stud directly in front of BackBoxx™ JR™.

  4. Using a sharp knife, make an opening in BackBoxx™ JR™ above or below junction box or plaster ring.

  5. Run wire(s) through opening in BackBoxx™ JR™, and then into junction box or plaster ring.
         Note: Wires may also be coiled inside BackBoxx™ JR™ for future pull-thru the plaster ring at time of device installation.

  6. Seal opening around wire passing through BackBoxx™ JR™ with approved sealant.
         Note: For protection of wires inside BackBoxx™ JR™ from spray foam insulation, etc., cut off end of long flange at perforation and 

           staple Extended Flange™ flap over junction box (or plaster ring) and BackBoxx™ JR™ opening (Image #12, below).

   7. Wall vapor barrier film should be attached to BackBoxx™ JR™ flanges using approved sealing tape.

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