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BackBoxx™ Installation

WARNING! Incorrect installation may result in product failure. BackBoxx LLC is not responsible for installation. See photo on reverse side.

  1. Place BackBoxx™ vertically into 16-inch-on-center wall cavity, or horizontally into 24-inch-on-center ceiling joists. (If installation is needed in smaller cavity, see Special Installation Instructions on reverse side).

  2. Attach BackBoxx™ to outward facing edges of studs using staple gun.

  3. Using an awl, from the back side of the BackBoxx, open one Wire Dimple Locator™ in either end of BackBoxx™ (wall mounting), or back center of BackBoxx™ (ceiling mount).

  4. Run a few inches of speaker wire through Wire Dimple Locator™ in BackBoxx, leaving 36” of slack wire behind the BackBoxx.

    • (Using Optional Speaker Frame): Attach speaker or component bracket to studs directly in front of BackBoxx. 


    • (Using Optional Speaker Frame): Separate one of the TonerCoil sections from the sheet and hold it in front of the BackBoxx™ with the instructions facing you.

    • Pull most of the 36" wire lead through the BackBoxx, and then either the upper, or lower, starburst hole in the centerline of the TonerCoil.

    • Fold and lock the tab on the TonerCoil to form a triangular, rigid column.

    • Coil the 36" wire lead around the folded and locked TonerCoil, from top to bottom. Take the last few inches of speaker wire and insert it, from behind, into the center starburst hole in the TonerCoil. This wire end is where your toning signal will be the loudest. (Note: Hard to see in photo).

    • Pull the complete TonerCoil assembly back into the BackBoxx™ by pulling excess wire lead from behind the BackBoxx. Tapered ends of the TonerCoil will help hold assembly in place. 

      Note: When installing speakers, after cutting wallboard opening, reach into BackBoxx™ and pull out TonerCoil and discard.

  5. Seal opening around wire and Wire Dimple Locator™ with sealant.

  6. Wall vapor barrier film should be attached to BackBoxx™ flanges using approved sealing tape.























Special Installation Instructions:
To install BackBoxx™ in smaller wall or ceiling cavity, cut straight down center of BackBoxx™ from one flange to the opposite flange. Install both halves of BackBoxx™ separately by attaching flanges to outward facing edge of studs using staple gun. Seal both sides of the BackBoxx, on the overlapping seam, using approved sealing tape and continue installation at step #3.