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Connector Installer

Save Your Fingers.

  • Save frustration and shredded fingers... use CoaxTool™ to install tight F-connector fittings on RG-6 Quad, RG-6 or RG-59.

  • CoaxTool™ has a tapered end to pre-spread the cable braiding so the F-connector goes on snugly, sliding into the proper position without a struggle. Now you can install F-connectors without having to spin them, possibly pushing the braiding away from the connector and resulting in a bad termination.

  • CoaxTool™ is made of high quality steel and chrome plated for years of service.

  • The other end of CoaxTool™ is a threaded end to which you can attach F-connectors for more leverage while installing, or to grip uncrimped F-connectors for removal without damage. The T-handle helps prevent slipping during any operation.

CT-6 CoaxTool™ for RG-6 / RG-6 Quad   ||   CT-59 CoaxTool™ for RG-59

  • Dimensions: 6"x3"

  • Quantity: Each

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