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BackBoxx POPP Installation

WARNING! Incorrect installation may result in product failure.  BackBoxx LLC is not responsible for installation.

1. Place BackBoxx™ POPP™ horizontally into 24-inch-on-center ceiling joists, or

         vertically into 16-inch-on-center wall cavity.

2. Attach BackBoxx™ POPP™ to outward facing edges of studs using staple gun.

3. Using a knife or awl, make an opening in the back wall, or, open one Wire Dimple Locator in either end of BackBoxx™ POPP™.

4. Run wire through Wire Dimple Locator in BackBoxx™ POPP™ and leave a 36" speaker wire lead.

5. Seal opening around wire and Wire Dimple Locator with sealant.

6. Wall vapor barrier film should be attached to BackBoxx™ POPP™ flanges using approved sealing tape.

7. When installing speaker, allow the speaker magnet to contact, and push on, the dome inside the BackBoxx™ POPP™.

8. (Optional) Attach speaker or component bracket to studs directly in front of BackBoxx™ POPP™

Special Installation Instructions:

To install BackBoxx™ POPP™ in joists more closely spaced than 24", cut straight down one end of the BackBoxx™ POPP™, outside the dome area, from one flange to the opposite flange. Overlap the two pieces of the BackBoxx™ POPP™, and seal the overlapping seam using approved sealing tape and continue installation at step #3.

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